Tamil YouTuber 2022- No . 1 YouTuber In Tamil Nadu 2022: Many Tamil YouTubers have become famous for the quality of content they post to their Youtube Channel. From Madan Gowri to Village Cooking Channel we love to watch their videos since they are entertaining and funny. Updated information regarding the Tamil YouTuber who is No. 1 in Tamil Nadu. Are you thrilled about the number one YouTuber in Tamil Nadu. Scroll down to read the article below to find out more.

In this Tamil YouTuber 2022 article, I have provided a list of top 10 Tamil YouTubers from Tamilnadu. In the past, most videos were posted by other states and countries, with the exception of Tamil Nadu & India. However, in the coming days Tamil people are mainly using YouTube service to be a Publisher, Advertiser, and User. 

Tamil YouTuber Standout in 2022

The top YouTuber in Tamil Nadu 2022 is determined by the number of subscribers on YouTube Channel. There are a variety of Tamil YouTuber who are earning an abundance of money through the posting of videos on YouTube. We have provided the information regarding the top Tamil YouTuber number wise. The top Tamil YouTuber 2022 is determined by the number subscribers that are gained from the cutting-edge Youtube Channel. 

Tamil YouTuber The Most Popular One

The most popular Tamil YouTuber channel such as Home Cooking, Madan Gowri, Eruma Saani, Micset, Behindwoods, etc. was a favorite among millions of people who like to view the videos made by these Tamil YouTubers. These are the top 10 YouTubers for Tamilnadu in 2022. On the top 10 list Village Cooking is the top YouTube Channel that possesses huge number of subscribers when compared with other channels. Therefore, village Cooking is the most popular Tamil YouTuber In Tamilnadu 2022.

Top Ten Tamil YouTuber

Below, I’ve listed out the top Tamil YouTube channels Tamilnadu with 2021 and 2022 year data. The results here aren’t only dependent on the number of subscribers on Tamil Youtuber, but also rating on the quality of content and subscriber numbers they have.

1- Village Cooking

2- Madan Gowri

3- Mic SET

4- The Black Sheep

5- Parithabangal

6- Put Chutney

7- Sothanaigal

8- Eruma Saani

9- Madras Central

10- Jump Cuts

1- Tamil YouTuber Village Cooking

The Village Cooking Channel from Tamil Nadu is making history as the first YouTube channel in the state to reach 1 million (10 million) subscribers milestone. Currently at the end of March 2022 They have 15.6 M Subscribers.


The farmers-turned-YouTube stars are from a small village called Chinna Veeramangalam in Pudukkottai district of Tamil Nadu. In just three years, Tamil Youtuber Village Cooking have earned international recognition for their cooking videos.

2- Tamil Youtuber Madan Gowri

Madan Gowri has been a popular Tamil YouTuber with approximately 6.09 million subscribers through his YouTube channel in March 2022. Madan Gowri Tamil Youtuber is among the most well-known South Indian vloggers.


In one interview, Tamil Youtuber said”

I had tried to get myself into talk shows, debates, or group discussions all my childhood but never really got many opportunities. I have always been the person that wants to share things I find different and of worth with everyone around me. When I discovered YouTube, I found a platform to reach out to millions of people and share information with reference to history, social issues, and facts, among others. That became my journey as a Tamil YouTuber.

3- Tamil Youtuber 2022 MicSet

Micset Sriram, the creator and administrator of Tamil YouTuber Micset. He is an experienced actor, youtuber and director from Tamilnadu. The channel was launched on the 5th of July, 2017. Micset is a full content creation channel which believes in the value of humour which is the key to the success to his YouTube channel.

The channel had 7.41 million YouTube users in March 2022. Tamil Youtuber Micset Channel is the youngest channel among the top 10.

4- The Black Sheep Tamil YouTubers Channel

Shankar Ganesh Tamil YouTuber has started the Journey of YouTube Channel “Blacksheep” in 2017, with an entire team of 40. The Blacksheep Channel had 3 million subscribers in just two years. In Today’s date, The Black Sheep have 34.39 million subscribers with a team size of 200+.

The only Tamil YouTube channel that can operate a separate TV via satellite. Many shows , Lots of actors and Team members. With big faces such as Vinoth Sudaroli, RJ Vignesh , Aravind & VJ Siddhu.

5- Tamil Youtube Channel Parithabangal

Tamil YouTuber channel Parithabangal is a Fun and comedy channel. Spoofing all kinds of categories for all age Groups. The team’s natural performance and a full package of great entertainment and comedy sketches. Politics best atrocities. The Channel has 3.54 M Subscriber by March 2022.

6- Tamil YouTuber Put Chutney

Put Chutney Tamil YouTuber has Fun based and provoking stories for Tamil audience worldwide! A very attractive channel. The most up-to-date content and the best depiction of the modern youth lifestyle which is in the best entertainment category. Put Chutney is Famous for their huge friendship zone.

Put Chutney

7- Sothanaigal

Sothanaigal Was Separated from the Mic set, Sothanaigal were known for their Sothanaigal series of Videos. You’ll be awed by the group and the energy surrounding them. They’ve made their mark on Top 10 Tamil YouTubers List. Their YouTube Channel has 2.22M Subscribers.

8- Eruma Saani

A well scripted comedy for grown-ups and full of laughter and fun assured. Eruma Saani is One of the most popular channels for kids. Tamil YouTuber Eruma Saani have 3.5M YouTube Subs by March 2022.

9- Madras central

Once you were a Gopi, Sudhagar home. A great comedy entertainer with simple and interesting content. It describes every real scenario that can be shared with people in a way that is more easy and enjoyment.

10- Tamil YouTuber Jump Cuts

Tamil Youtuber Jump Cuts is the perfect spot to find endless imaginative, fun and funny videos created by Hari and Naresh.

Tamil-YouTuber- Jump Cuts

Most likely Jump Cuts is a favorite among youths. Small teams or you can go it alone Channel. We are awestruck by this channel due to their creative content. Their content is distinctive in terms of ideas and creating. Jump Cuts Tamil YouTubers have 2.27M YouTube Subs.

Tamil YouTubers Earning

We will go throught how Tamil YouTubers are making money in Indian rupees and USD (dollars). In above I list best YouTube channels in Tamil Nadu. The average salary of Tamil YouTuber is between 6 and 10 Lakhs in Indian Currency. Tamil YouTubers post 3 to 4 Videos weekly and they not stopping their video processing and sharing of knowledge with others.

Why we need to start a YouTube Channel?

Around the world, five billion YouTube videos are watched each day. YouTube is more popular than ever before after covid19, with users spending on average 30 to 40 minutes during a YouTube session.

As a result of this new digital age the next thing to learn to do is how to earn money from YouTube. All you require is software for editing videos as well as a computer, and you’ll be able to begin your journey with YouTube. For instance Tamil YouTuber Channel Village Cooking earns approximately Rs 10 Lakh INR while posting Videos on different cooking Recipes.

Tamil YouTuber 2022 – FAQs

1. Who is the top Tamil YouTuber in 2022?

The Village Cooking Channel is the number one YouTube Channel with 15.6M Subscribers. Tamil YouTubers who are a part of the videos of the Village Cooking Channel are the most popular Tamil YouTubers in Tamil Nadu.

2. Who is the No. 1 Tamil YouTuber in India?

The Village Cooking Channel is the number one Tamil YouTube Channel with 15.6M Subscribers. The YouTubers of the Village Cooking Channel are the most popular YouTubers in Tamil Nadu.

3. Who is The Most Popular Tamil YouTuber in TamilNadu?

Tamil Youtuber Madan Gowri is the #1 Tamil YouTube Channel with 6.09 Subscribers by March 2022. 

4. What exactly is YouTube?

YouTube is the most popular and well-known application software used by millions of users around the world.

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