Cindy Lou Who is a character of a girl who appeared in the film “How the Grinch stole the Christmas”. This is a character of a small girl who lived in a town called Whoville. She played a role of six-year-old girl in cindy lou who. Cindy Lou Who was fond of festivals and events.        

This film was released on 8th November 2000 in USA. This movie is based on novel written by ‘Dr Seuss’. The actual writers of this movie are Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seamen. Whereas the director of the show is Ron Howard. Anthony Hopkins narrated this movie. Lets talk more about cindy lou who in detail.

The main character of this movie is Cindy Lou Who.         

Cindy Lou Who movie Story:

This film was about a small town called Whoville. In this town, there lived a girl whose name was Cindy Lou Who. She lived with her family. Cindy Lou Who met a green creature named grinch.

Grinch character in this movie is antagonistic. He used to hate the festivals and events. While everyone else disliked grinch for this behaviour, Cindy always saw something good in him after the grinch saved her. She wanted to change him.

Main character of Cindy Lou Who

Grinch left the Whoville town. He lived alone outside the town. When Cindy met the grinch, she went to find the truth about the grinch. She went everywhere to find what happened to the grinch.

She got to know that grinch had a very dark past. That is why he was cruel. Cindy invited him to celebrate Christmas with them. But as grinch hated festivals so he decided to spoil Christmas. 

How grinch fooled Cindy Lou Who?

People of this town loved celebrating festivals. Similarly, they were preparing for Christmas. During the Christmas festival, grinch decided to ruin the festival. He decided to steal all the Christmas presents of people of Whoville.

He disguised himself as a Santa Claus and went to Who’s house. Grinch went there at night when everyone was sleeping. He stole all the presents, took all the food and spoiled the decorations.

Cindy Lou Who heard his voice and went to check what is going on but she didn’t recognize him. The grinch fooled her by saying that one of the lights of Christmas tree is broken. He sent Cindy to her room.

 When Cindy Lou Who went to his bed, he continued stealing. He put all the things on his cart and ran away to the “Mount Crumpit” with his dog.

How grinch fooled Cindy Lou Who

Why people of Whoville blamed Cindy Lou Who?

When the people of Whoville woke up the next morning, they saw their empty houses. They got to know about the robbery. Then Cindy Lou Who told them what she saw at night. The people of Whoville blamed Cindy Lou Who for inviting the grinch to celebrate Christmas.

Ending of the film “How the grinch stole the Christmas”:

The ending of the film “How the grinch stole the Christmas” is happy. At the end when cindy lou Who got to know about theft, the mayor of Whoville blamed Cindy Lou Who. Because Cindy invited the grinch for the Christmas.

Cindy’s father ‘Louie Lou Who’ defended her by explaining the mayor why grinch is doing all this. All the people of Whoville then started singing Christmas song together. Grinch heard them singing together and realized that Christmas is not about presents.

He got to know that Christmas is about spending time together and enjoying. Grinch felt ashamed and he returned back to the Whoville. He returned all the presents that he stole to the people of Whoville.

Then last but not the least, Maratha broke her engagement with the MayWho. Maratha told him that she still loves the grinch.

Cindy Lou Who costumes

Cindy Lou Who Characters:

Her character is of a sweet cute 6-year-old girl. Cindy Lou Who had blonde long hairs, big lashes and blue eyes. She was always seen with a very trendy hairstyle. She always tied her hairs with red bow.

Cindy Lou Who was a daughter of Who family. Her father’s name was ‘Louie Lou Who’ and her mother’s name was ‘Betty Lou Who’. Her father was a postmaster of Whoville. Cindy was a such a caring girl.

While everyone else hated the grinch, Cindy Lou Who was the only one who believed that deep down he is kind. 

Cindy Lou Who costumes: 

Her costume was a frock with red upper. She used to wear long boots. She also worn pink long frock. Moreover, she used to tie her hairs with red bow.

cindy lou who costume

Who played the role of Cindy Lou Who?

Cindy Lou Who character was seen in three movies. In 1966 animated film, “June foray” voiced her. In 2000 live movie, “Taylor Momsen” played the role of Cindy Lou Who. While in 2018 animated film, “Cameron Seely” voiced her character.

Taylor Momsen as Cindy Lou Who:

Taylor Momsen played the actual role of Cindy Lou Who. She is from Missouri United States. She has also played roles in other movies. Taylor Momsen played the role of “Jenny Humphrey” in a TV show “Gossip girl”.

Taylor Momsen

Cindy Lou Who left ‘Gossip girl’ show after the age of 18 and started her music career. She then launched her own music brand with the name of “The Pretty Reckless”. She has now become a singer and a songwriter.

In one of her interviews, she said that people don’t recognize her from her film but they know her from music. 

Cindy Lou Who Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

Q1. Who played the role of Cindy Lou Who in 2000 live action film?

“Taylor Momsen” played the role of Cindy Lou Who in 2000 live-action film.

Q2. At what age, Taylor Momsen played the role of Cindy Lou Who?

“Taylor Momsen” was only 7 years old when she played the role of Cindy Lou Who in the movie “How the Grinch stole the Christmas”. 

Q3. Who wrote the novel of this film “How the grinch stole the Christmas’? 

“Dr Seuss” wrote the novel in his storybook.

Q4. Who narrated the movie “How the grinch stole the Christmas”?

“Anthony Hopkins” narrated the movie “How the grinch stole the Christmas”. 

Q5. Why was Cindy Lou Who different from other children?

Cindy Lou Who character is of a caring little girl. She was different from other children in movie as because she was a very sweet and innocent girl. She believed in grinch and tried to change his behaviour while no one else wanted to. 

Q6. Why Cindy Lou Who thought that grinch is kind from inside?

One day Cindy Lou Who accidently met the grinch. In that meeting, grinch saved her life. After that she was convinced that the grinch is kind.

Q7. How the grinch fooled Cindy Lou Who?

The grinch fooled her by disguising himself as a Santa Claus. He told her that the one of the lights of Christmas tree is broken. That is why he is taking Christmas tree with himself to his workshop.

Q8. Why Taylor Momsen left the TV series “Gossip Girl”?

Taylor Momsen” left the tv show gossip girl because she wanted to start her music career. She wanted to become singer and to write sings. 

Q9. Who played the role of grinch in the movie “How the grinch stole the Christmas”?

Jim Carrey” played the role of grinch in the movie “How the grinch stole the Christmas”. 

Q10. Taylor Momsen’s role in other movies?

Taylor Momsen also played role in other movies including Spy Kids 2, The Island of Lost Dreams and Gossip Girl.

Q11. Why grinch was rude and unpleasant?

Grinch was always bullied by his classmates and other people. He had green skin and hairs all over his body. He tried to shave his beard but accidently he cut his face. When his classmates saw his cut, they started teasing him and making fun of him. Due to which grinch left the Whoville and started living alone on the mount. That is why he became cruel and hated Christmas. 

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