ii login is a platform of interactive investment. ii login stands for interactive investor Login. This is one of the most trusted online platforms where you can invest easily and carefree. ii login is a very secure website where you can get all the information related to investment. This website has some tools that will help you invest. In this article we will further dig into depth of ii login Platform.

ii login-Interactive Investor login account

ii login is the united kingdom’s largest private platform to invest in. This website was founded in August 1995. ii login website is very secure, it has almost 300,000 customers. Customers trust this website and are satisfied with the services. 

Interactive investor or ii login is regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). One of the best things about ii login is that it has a flat fee. You can use as much as you want at one rate. ii login is also known as interactive investor login.  

ii login investment types:

ii login interactive investor has the following investment types. These are shares, funds, investment trusts, ETFs, IPOs, US and international, and advanced investing. 

ii login has gained more popularity after the launch of ACE 30. ACE 30 allows customers to invest in at best. It gives you the best choices to invest in. ACE stands for avoids, choices, and embraces. 

ii login step by step guide:

To log in on interactive investor login, go on its website that is www.ii.co.uk.

Then click on the login option on the right side. When you will click on the login option, you will see few options. ii login options include;

  1. Trading account login.
  2. Share centre account login.
  3. EQI account login.
  4. Research account login.
ii login step by step guide

Among all these, choose the one that is suitable for you. Here I will guide you one by one on how to log in to ii login Platform for research account.

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1- Trading account ii login: 

If you want unlimited resources then you must log in to trading account of ii login. A trading account allows you to invest anywhere such as funds, trust, ETFs, etc whenever you want. To log in to your trading account all you have to do is enter your username and press continue. Then you will be asked to again enter your username, this time now with a password. Then click on the login button.

ii login trading account

2- Share centre account ii login:

The share centre account is the most used account. This is especially for shares. The sharing centre combined with interactive investment is perfect. As it benefits customers. ii Login process of share account is same as trading account. You may have to enter the additional details such as phone number and customer reference number.

3- EQI account ii login:

As share centre accounts are for shares and investments together, EQI accounts are for trading and investment. EQI accounts are helpful for the businessman as they can use this platform to grow their business. To ii login on EQI account, select EQI account option. Then enter your username. Then enter your username and password again in the next window.

Interactive Investor

4- Research account ii login:

Through research account, you can build your virtual portfolio on interactive investor ii login. Moreover, research accounts give access to more research and newsletters. For research account login, enter your email address and password.

In case, you forget the password of any of the account, you can reset it.  

ii login requirements:

To use ii accounts, you will have to enter the following information;

  1. Trading account: For trading account ii login, you only have to enter your username and password.
  2. Share centre accounts: You have to enter the following details for share centre account login
  3. Your email address
  4. Phone number
  5. Customer reference number
  6. National identity number.

ii login benefits

ii login makes the investments easy and convenient. This means anyone can invest without extra formalities with just a few clicks. Just make an account on interactive investor login and make your life easy by doing valuable investments. 


Interactive investor login filters all the investment resources and brings out the best for you. That means if you are investing through interactive investor login then this will surely benefit you in all the means. 

The team of ii login will inform you about all your investments and the latest updates. They will update you about the stock market, funds, ETFs, and much more. The team of interactive investor will take care of all your investments, shares, and transactions. You don’t have to worry anymore about the process of investing and the struggle behind it. Moreover, the team of ii login continuously updates the features, policies, and resources.

ii login privacy policy:

This website is safe to invest in. You can invest through ii login carefree. This website guarantees you that there will be no scams and fake transactions. They update their privacy policy and inform the users. Investments and money on ii login is protected by a financial services compensation scheme. Customer’s data is protected by 128-bit SSL encryption technology. SSL technology is one of the latest technologies for security.

Services of ii login:

Services of ii login

Interactive investor login provides many services. You can use this site for many purposes. The services of ii login include the following;

  1. ISA.
  2. SIPP
  3. Trading account.
  4. Junior ISA.

ii login regular investment:

ii login regular investment

ii login has introduced a new way of investing that is a regular investment. Regular investment allows you to invest a small amount frequently rather than investing a large amount at once. Following areas have regular investment features;

  1. Trading account.
  2. Stocks and shares ISA.
  3. Junior ISA.
  4. SIPP.

Advantages of regular investing;

Regular investing has proved to be very beneficial and profitable. Customers of ii logins are very satisfied and happy with this. Following are the advantages of regular investing;

 1. Invest less:

 In regular investment, you don’t have to invest the whole amount at once. You can invest less amount in different stocks. Even you can invest as low as 25 euros per month.

2. Zero trading fees:

Regular investing is very beneficial as there are no trading fees. You can invest without paying trading fees. 

3. More profit:

 As you will invest little by little in different funds, you will get more profit. Investing your whole savings in one place can be risky.   

The team behind interactive investor login:

To know more about this retail investment platform, we must know about the team working behind it. The CEO of interactive investor login is Richard Wilson. Dzmitry Lipski is the investment analyst. The head of personal finance of ii login is Moira O’ Neill. Whereas holly MacKay is the founder and managing director.

ii Login Conclusion:

Interactive investor ii login is a secure platform for your savings and pensions. This website has award-winning tools and resources. You can invest in domestic and international shares through this website. You can even get investment ideas from the experts on this site.

ii login frequently asked questions:

Q1. How to contact ii login customer service if I face any problem using the website?

If you face any problem using an interactive investor login website, you can use a common hub. Customer hub helps to solve problems. You can also call their call centre for customer support.

Q2. What are the requirements for logging in share centre account?

For share centre account following data is required;

  1. Email address.
  2. Phone number.
  3. National insurance number.
  4. Customer identity number.

Q3. What is regular investing?

Regular investing means you can invest daily with zero trading fees. An interactive investor platform provides this opportunity to invest regularly in the stock market without paying trading fees.

Q4. What is the least amount we can invest in regular investment?

You can invest as low as 25 euros per month in regular investment. 

Q5. Why regular investment is better than trading?

Regular investment is better than trading. Because in the regular investment you can buy more shares by investing frequently. If you will buy more shares, this will benefit you a lot. Investing regularly will lead to more profit and less loss.

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