These days, we are able to pick up our entire lives and move across the country quite easily and efficiently, all thanks to the transport industry. When you move from one place to the next, it isn’t unusual to want to take your things with you. These days, those things may even include your house! 

If you’re wondering how on earth you’d manage to fit an entire house into a transport vehicle. Then you’ve probably never heard of a flatbed truck before. Because of their unusual shape and size, these aren’t often seen in the CBD. However, look a little further towards the countryside and you’ll probably be able to spot quite a few. 

The benefits of hiring a flatbed truck and what they are used for

Flatbed trucks are a lot like their name suggests – flat. Unlike ordinary trucks, flatbed trucks have no walls, so they aren’t limited to a confined space. This means that they are perfect for transporting oversized cargo that may exceed common or legal measurements. 

A couple of instances where using a flatbed truck would be the most ideal would be when transporting mobile homes, heavier than usual cargo, machinery, building equipment. And other vehicles or anything else that is too high, wide or long for a standard truck. 

What to know about heavy haulage jobs

An important thing to consider when looking to transport heavy haulage jobs. The truck driver won’t be operating alone. Because oversized trucking is so much more hazardous than standard trucking, an entire team is usually required. This is to ensure that everything and everyone gets from point A to B safely and efficiently. 

For the trucker themself, the job is dangerous and requires an immense amount of patience and skill. For this reason, you’ll want to go with someone reputable that has been doing this sort of thing for a very long time. Because, ultimately, they will be responsible for looking after your cargo. 

If hiring someone seems expensive, be sure to consider and factor in the risk that they are taking, alongside the stress and petrol that goes into operating something so incredibly large. You’ll soon realise that hiring the right fit is well worth it – for you and your precious things.

The possible dangers of oversized trucking

As mentioned, driving an oversized truck can be incredibly hazardous compared to standard trucking. It takes just one look at one of these gigantic vehicles to realise just how difficult it would be to drive, let alone control. Oftentimes, just turning a flatbed truck requires using more than one lane, which means the surrounding traffic is almost always affected. All of this is done with a pretty large blindspot, making it incredibly dangerous for both the driver and the drivers around them. 

Flatbed truck drivers have to ensure that they have a large distance ahead of them before breaking to avoid accidents. This distance is far greater than with standard trucks, placing them at a higher risk. This type of truck is especially at risk of getting into rollover accidents, especially when turning. 

Due to the abnormal weight and size flatbed trucks usually deal with, the load can extend beyond one, or even two lanes. This means that they carry with them the potential to knock into buildings, trees and even people. 

Beyond the physical obstacles that flatbed drivers might face, there are mental challenges to the job, too. Often transporting heavy or oversized loads requires the driver to leave their home for days or even weeks on end. This could mean sometimes going days without a proper cooked meal or a decent place to sleep, all in order to meet tight deadlines.

Another thing to consider is that they will probably encounter frustrated drivers along the way, which could get stuck behind them. This could lead to being yelled at or treated unkindly, yet another challenge which comes with this type of job. Professionals know how to react calmly and patiently without escalating the situation even further.

Can I hire a flatbed truck to transport my things myself, without hiring someone else?

Depending on what you need it for, some companies will allow you to rent a flatbed truck from them as long as you have – or know someone with – an appropriate license to operate one. However, it’s important to run through the challenges and dangers you may face doing so, and prepare yourself for them in the best way possible if you do decide to go down this route. 

In most cases, hiring someone professional is the safest, most efficient and cost-effective way to go. Not only will you be getting an entire team dedicated to ensuring all goes well, but you’ll also likely save money in the long run by avoiding potential disasters along the way.   

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