The law of assumption exists and it affirms that there’s a link between your reality and beliefs. The Law of Assumption suggests that assuming something is true, will cause it to become true. I know this sounds unconvincing, but it’s the truth! Let’s dive deeper into Law of Assumption and Law of Assumption examples and affirmation in detail.

I’m sure you’ve felt that your thoughts were becoming a reality at some point in your life. But you might have just ignored it and moved on with your life. But what if I tell you there’s actually a connection between your thoughts and reality! We will explore further about law of assumption.

Is The Law Of Assumption Real?

The Law of Assumption states that your current reality is a depiction of your state of mind. And whatever you think is likely to happen will actually happen. So the question arises, is the law of assumption real?  The law of assumption is not a typically applicable law like government laws or scientific laws. But it’s like a law based on divine belief.

Many psychologists and scientists believe it to be true. And some people have tried to include it in their lifestyle and found it effective. The strong emphasis on optimistic thinking has a reason behind it. When you think positively, you are more likely to experience positive outcomes in law of Assumption.

 If we ever see someone in a problem, our very first words to them are “Don’t panic, don’t think negatively, or stay positive”. People, whether they realize it or not, apply the law of assumption every day in their lives.

How Does The Law Of Assumption Work?

The law of assumption works on a principle of belief. If someone has the intention of obtaining something or fulfilling their ambitions, they will work towards it. Nothing happens in a miraculous way, obviously. It’s all a game of mind.

It’s important to believe in yourself to achieve anything you want in life. Everybody has desires in life, but not everyone waits and stays motivated enough to fulfill them. So, law of assumption only works for the people that have a firm belief in themselves, and patience to achieve their goals.

How Does The Law Of Assumption Work

So it’s safe to say that this law works only when our imaginations are strong and persistent. The world we live in is nothing more than a physical reflection of our own consciousness. And with that being said, it is also significant to know that your negative thoughts don’t really go unnoticed by your reality.

When you overthink things, or when you think about the negative side of everything it affects your everyday life. You lose focus, you imagine the worst possible scenarios, and life gets far away from happiness. Overthinkers are often prone to seeing the negative side of happiness.

6 Ways To Apply Law Of Assumption In Life

A lot of people struggle to keep an optimistic mindset. As a person grows up, life throws many hardships and challenges towards a person. Not everyone is capable of enduring it all and still keeping a positive mentality.

Well, I can help you apply The law of assumption in your life in 6 easy ways!

  1. Writing it all down
  2. Positivity
  3. Be aware of your desire
  4. Assume and feel
  5. Believe
  6. Be patient


The first step of achieving your desires and goals by using the Law of Assumption is to pour down all your ideas, thoughts, and feelings on a piece of paper. And writing it down in a tone as if you have already achieved it all. Writing helps the mind with clarity.


While you write, you might realize which things are your top priority and what you need to focus on most.

Writing assists people in setting small, achievable goals. So, if you are an employee in a company and you want that long-awaited promotion, just take pen & paper, and start imagining yourself in that promoted designation already. Then write about how you feel.


We know the great impact of a positive mindset in our lives, but still, most of us fail to achieve a balance between positivity and negativity. Negative thought processes affect your life more than you can imagine. It’s important not to lose your sanity while fighting negativity.

law of assumption positive mind

One way to fight your negative thoughts is to keep replacing them with positive affirmations. Yoga, meditation, and different exercises also help people. It is important to remember that you have control over your brain. And don’t let your brain make you think otherwise. Negativity will be a huge pillar standing between you and the law of assumption.


Having a clear idea about our goals and desires is what motivates us to achieve law of assumption. A person should know what he wants to achieve and why. It’s good to have numerous desires in life, but you can only focus on one at a time. Scripting, or writing down your life desire may help you decide what you really want to accomplish.

Well, you might be thinking that how is it possible for a person to not know his desires? Everybody knows their desires. But when you actually sit down and think about your bigger purpose in life, you might find that some of your desires are nothing but a distraction in life. And you can cancel them out.


Now that you know what exactly you desire, and where your sheer focus will be. The law of assumption jumps in. Assume and feel what you desire to like if you already have it. Picture yourself in that university already that you have been wanting to take admission in. Visualize your desires as your reality. The more intensely you can picture yourself in all your desired circumstances, the more quickly you will start feeling that everything is working out that way.

Asume and Feel


Now comes the most essential part of the law of assumption. If you somehow don’t entirely believe that your desires have been fulfilled, you will fail. Don’t let your fear drown you into disbelief. You might feel that your desires and goals are impossible to achieve. But this law will only help you if you put your firm belief in it.

You must build confidence in your assumptions. Other than that, building trust in yourself is more important. It’s you who has to carry the vision all along your journey. A person can fail terribly in life if he does not believe in himself.


Last, but not least Patience! Patience is the key to success. If you can’t wait for your hard work to pay off, you lose all the charm of your success. The more you wait for your goals to accomplish, the more happiness they bring to you.

The universe has its own way of working, so do your part and wait. The law of assumption helps you in living a healthy life. You assume that you have everything that you desire. This boosts your confidence to work on your goal, and gives your mind a kick of positivity!

Law Of Assumptions Affirmations

You can use different affirmations for yourself to stay on the path of your success and positivity in life. It means constantly reassuring yourself that your desires are important and achievable.

Here are a few examples!

  • I am the author of my own story.
  • Can control my thoughts and emotions
  • I won’t let my mind control me.
  • I deserve all the good things in life.
  • My desires are valid.
  • If I want it, I can get it.
  • My assumptions will create a reality.
  • I am proud of myself.
  • I am strong enough to face everything in my life.
  • My life has a greater purpose.
  • I believe I can achieve my goals.
  • I don’t fear my negative thoughts.
  • Believe in myself.
  • I have achieved everything I want.

The Law Of Assumption Example

For instance, we will take body weight to apply the law of assumption. Most people struggle to stay satisfied with their weight and appearance. People usually find themselves either too thin or too fat. They feel that they fail to maintain a standard society-approved weight.

 But if you want to lose weight, or gain weight, you can start it by imagining that you have already achieved your goal weight. You should assume that you already have a good diet and a workout routine. Slowly, it will manifest in your life.

The Law Of Assumption Example

This way you will avoid unhealthy eating, you will try to exercise more often. And that’s how the law of assumption works.

Law Of Assumption Specific Person

The law of assumption-specific person means to feel that you are loved by that specific person that you want. This law simply states that your imaginations become your true reality. So, to manifest your specific person, you should make assumptions about yourself. Not them.

Firstly, get a clear idea of who you want and why you want them. Now, the next step is to assume that you are worthy enough of love.

The next step would be believing that you can form a happy relationship of love with anyone you want.

Law Of Assumption Specific Person

The final step would be to assume that this person wants to be with you. And they love you the same way you do. You can use some law of assumption affirmation to manifest your specific person.


Law Of Assumption Vs Law Of Attraction


The Law of assumption and the law of attraction are both great ways to achieve your desired life. They both work on the same principle, just the implementation is a bit different.

Law Of Assumption Vs Law Of Attraction

The law of assumption is based on the fact that there’s no God. you create your reality. And whatever you assume will become true. Whereas, the law of attraction believes that there’s a higher power/ God. Who controls the universe, but our energy matches the energy of our desires and like attracts like.

So, in the law of attraction, it is said that if a person has a negative thought process he will attract negative outcomes. However, someone with a positive mentality will generate only positive outcomes.

Another difference is that the law of assumption does not believe in the existence of the free will of human beings. Because whatever we see outside is the projection of our inside. Here you are the center of control. The Law of Attraction, on the other hand, states that everyone has free will and the power to manifest their wishes, but only to the degree that it does not interfere with the free will of others.


Neville Goddard discovered the law of assumption. He wrote a book on this same topic where he states that “ stop believing in God and start believing as God”. The law of assumption is a great way to manifest your desires in your life. It motivates you to live a better and healthy life with a positive mindset.



Q1. What is the law of assumption?

The law of assumption states that your outer environment is just a projection of your own consciousness.

Q2. How does the law of assumption work?

The law of assumption works on the basis of persistence. When you assume that you are already living the life with your desires, it will eventually harden into fact.

Q3. How to script manifest the law of assumption?

The best way to get started with this law is to start writing down all your desires and writing down how you’re feeling as if you have already accomplished them.

Q4. What is the difference between the law of assumption and the law of attraction?

The main difference between the two laws is that the law of assumption makes you assume things as if it has already happened. Whereas, to use the Law of Attraction to manifest your goals, you must first match your energies with your desire and then pull them into your reality.

Q5. Why is it important to let go of your negative thoughts?

It’s important to let go of your negative thoughts because your thoughts shape your reality.

Q6. What is some law of assumption affirmations?

Examples of affirmations would be “ I am worthy of love” “I have lost 5 kgs!” “I have got good grades”.

Q7. What is the most essential part of applying this law in your life?

The most essential part is “Believe”, believing in yourself, and trusting that your desires are possible to achieve.

Q8. How can we apply this law in our life?

We can apply the law of assumption in our life by having a clear mind about our desires. Writing it all down, believing, and being patient.

Q9. Who discovered the idea of this law of assumption?

This law was discovered by Neville Goddard.

Q10. How can we manifest our goals in life?

We can assume that we have already achieved that goal and that will harden the assumption into a fact at some point.

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