Undoubtedly, most people would like to work for themselves or from home. However, for the most part, this could mean taking a pay cut, at least until your new venture gets off the ground.

Of course, there are additional ways in which you can make a little bit of extra money while your career unfolds, or you could find that one of the ideas mentioned below is exactly the ticket for your future career to become.

#1 Sell items online

There are a lot of people doing it, and there is no reason why you cannot join in. It is totally up to you whether you want to sell second-hand, pre-loved items or whether you are opting for brand-new merchandise for your customers. If you are creative, you may find that you already have an idea of what you would like to sell to your customers.

#2 Become a delivery driver

If, however, you would rather be out and about rather than sitting at a computer listing items on the internet, then there is the job role of the delivery driver, which is a great option if you like being out on the road.

Looking for shipping work needn’t be too much of a hassle as there are websites already available such as https://www.shiply.com/us/truck-loads that offer, by way of listings, loads of varying sizes to be collected and delivered. Some of those that are listing the work are individuals, while others are businesses that do not have their own shipping fleets.

#3 Help out others by being a handy person

Should you be of a helpful disposition, there is the very much needed job role of the handyperson.

Whether you are offering your services as a flat pack furniture assembler or taking a more regular role like a shopping assistant, your help will likely be very welcome. Indeed, many people need a helping hand from time to time – and you can be that helping hand in your community.

#4 Open your own puppy creche

If you love dogs, then with so many people having to go back into the office for work, there is the vacancy for dog sitters, particularly puppy creches. For this job, you will have to have space and understanding neighbors, unless you can rent out a premises where all the dogs in your care can play without the added stress on your part of floors being ruined by the occasional accident or furniture or soft furnishings being chewed.

So, to wrap it all up

There are a few different ideas where extra money can be made – some require space, and some just need a laptop or a smartphone and a bit of time. However, with the broad range mentioned here, there is something likely to get you thinking along the right lines for you and your future career – whether you wish to start a brand-new side hustle, a full-blown business, or just a quick cash booster as and when you require it.

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