Blackboard DCCCD- As online education is on hype therefore many online education websites are being designed to facilitate students. Through online education portals, students gain maximum knowledge by sitting at home in their comfort zone. Like other online portals, Blackboard DCCCD is made. This article contains all the information about the Blackboard DCCCD login eLearning portal. If you are looking for a proper guide about this portal then give this article a read to know everything about Blackboard DCCCD.

Blackboard DCCCD is an online education-based portal where students can study and open their lectures. Blackboard DCCCD is specially made for students of Dallas community college district.

Blackboard DCCCD

What is Blackboard DCCCD?

Blackboard DCCCD is an online e-learning website for Dallas Community College District. DCCCD stands for Dallas Community College District. That is why this portal is named Blackboard DCCCD. This portal is created to help students learn from home and access online lectures. This portal is made exclusively for dallas college students, only they can use this portal.

Blackboard DCCCD Login Features

As you all know Blackboard DCCCD is a learning e campus, its services include the following;

  1. Course selection:

You can select a course of your choice on this platform. Just open the website and select the desired course from the drop-down list.

  • Online enrollment:

You can get enrolled yourself online. Fill in the information and get admission for your course online. There is no need to visit the campus for admission, do it by sitting at home.

  • Tuition fees payment:

There is also an option of paying fees at this portal. You can pay the fees by providing your account details.

  • Certificates:

The campus also provides a certificate to their students on successful completion of their opted course. This is a great opportunity to learn online and get a certificate at Blackboard DCCCD.

What are the requirements for admission at Blackboard DCCCD?

Like other educational institutes, Dallas community college has also set some rules and regulations for online admissions. These set rules are;

  1. It is necessary that at the time of admission, students must be 18 years old or elder.
  2. Students should have IBD certificate which is an international hbaccalaureate diploma and a G.E.D which is a general education diploma.
  3. Students must be graduated from a registered secondary school.

Blackboard DCCCD sign up process:

Blackboard DCCCD sign up process

To make an account on blackboard dcccd, the process is a little bit tricky but not difficult at all. Read the instructions carefully. If you will follow the instructions accurately, then you can easily sign up. The following steps will help you out in signing up at Blackboard DCCCD:

  1. There are two sign-up categories; one for students and the other for faculty members. Choose the option that is suitable for you.
  2. For the student’s login process; the username should start with the letter “e”. This username is on the student’s identity card. One important thing to remember, this username must be a part of the student’s email address at the Blackboard DCCCD portal.
  3.  For faculty login; the process is a bit different in this way. The username for faculty login should start with three alphabets followed by 4 numbers. You can remember this by the “3×4” representation.
  4. Then set the appropriate login password.

Blackboard DCCCD login Reset password Guide

Blackboard DCCCD login

This is very important to know how to reset forgotten passwords at the Blackboard DCCCD portal. Here is how you can reset the password :

  1. Click on the forgot password and follow the instructions given there. Choose any of the one options from the following three:
  2. Yes, I have enrolled in SSPR?
  3. No, I have not enrolled in SSPR.
  4. I don’t know What is SSPR?
  5. Choose any option and click on the link given below.
  6. After clicking on the link, you will be taken to the forgotten password page.
  7. Enter your Gmail or else your username
  8. Then in the next option, you need to enter letters in the images or words in the sound for confirmation.
  9. Then click on next and follow further steps.

Blackboard DCCCD Check Your Grades Online

If you are a student and want to check your grades on blackboard DCCCD, then follow these steps;

  1. Login to your Blackboard DCCCD account.
  2. Open the side menu bar located on the left side.
  3. You will see multiple options on that sidebar such as course schedule, submit assignments, course syllabus, course announcements, and grades.
  4. Choose the “see your grades” option. Over here you can see your grades and result.

Blackboard dcccd login process:

Blackboard dcccd login process

To login into DCCCD campus, follow these simple steps;

  1. Open this website
  2. Then click on “Access course now”.
  3. Enter your username and password. Click login and done.

Blackboard DCCCD recommended browsers:

Blackboard DCCCD has recommended the following browsers:

  1. Safari.
  2. Chrome.
  3. Edge2.
  4. Firefox.

Steps of logging out from the Blackboard DCCCD portal:

Blackboard DCCCD portal

It’s very necessary to log out from the Blackboard DCCCD portal when leaving the portal. You can log out by following these steps;

  1. On the Blackboard DCCCD screen, you will see the logout button in the side bar.
  2. Click on that “Logout” button.
  3. After that, you will receive a message from Blackboard DCCCD.
  4. Then click on “End SSO Session”.
  5. Now you can close your browser.

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More about Blackboard DCCCD:

Blackboard DCCCD is a platform where students can learn, interact with the teachers or other students, open lectures, can do group discussions, and check grades. This portal has very easy-to-use tools. They provide proper guidance on how to use their portal. Blackboard DCCCD is easily accessible on any device. This platform is very organized even if attendance is taken at this portal. Teachers and students can interact and can do discussions.

Blackboard DCCCD is an updated portal where you will now find technical issues. Parents can even login on to Blackboard DCCCD and watch their child’s performance. Teachers can upload quizzes and assignments and watch students’ progress. Students and teachers can also check their class schedules.

Blackboard DCCCD Conclusion:

This article is all about the Dallas College ecampus platform which is Blackboard DCCCD. If you need any help regarding the login process, requirements, courses, etc you can get help from this article.

Blackboard DCCCD FAQS:

Q1. How can I log out from the Blackboard DCCCD platform?

It is very necessary to log out when you are leaving the e-campus. To log out click on the logout option that is located in the right corner of the e-campus window. Then you will receive a message from Blackboard DCCCD. You need to click on “End SSO Session” to complete the logout.

Q2. What to do if I face any problems in logging in?

If you are facing any problem in logging in, first check your details such as username and password. Then check your browser settings and clear the cookies or cache.  If you are further facing problems logging in then contact your e Campus faculty. You can also contact on this number to solve any of your issue related to Blackboard DCCCD (972-721-4811)

Q3. What does DCCCD stand for?

Dcccd stands for Dallas County Community College District.

Q4. How to submit assignments in the Blackboard DCCCD portal?

You will find the option for submission of assignments in the side menu bar of Blackboard DCCCD. Open that and submit your assignments there.

Q5. Can I add my friend in my course on Blackboard DCCCD?

Yes, you can add your friend in your course on Blackboard DCCCD.   

Q6. How to add a friend to a Blackboard course?

You will find a grade book link in the course tools section. Click on that link which will redirect to a page where you can add people to your course.

Q7. What is Dallas County Community College District?

Dallas county college is a public college located in Dallas County, Texas. Dallas County is a highly populated county in Texas, U.S. This college was established in 1965. This college offers more than 100 certification and degree programs in different fields. Graduate and post graduate programs are also offered by this college. This college has 7 campuses all over Dallas County, Texas.

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