Worlds Longest Rivers- On a hunt to find out about the longest rivers in the world? We have just what you need! A list of the Top 10 Worlds Longest Rivers by length and area. Scroll down to read more about Worlds Longest Rivers in detail!

Like everything you search on the Google bar, there are factors to look for when ranking Worlds Longest Rivers to the shortest in the list. These factors include; identifying the source of the river — where it starts from — the mouth of the river, and its location. The location of the mouth of the river includes the point of ejection. However, these factors aren’t quite reliable for Worlds Longest Rivers. Given that the length of the river isn’t definite and can change over time, the exact measurements of river length can not be calculated.

Worlds Longest Rivers Complex Measuring:

As complex as measuring the Worlds Longest Rivers length is, we do have a ranking of the worlds longest rivers depending on the length and the occupied area. For years, it was an established fact that the River Nile takes the title of Worlds Longest River; however, some recent studies have carved a twist. Amazon River is yet, still battling to snatch the title away from River Nile to be at the top. But, we do have a new category for it. 

So, this is our full overview of the list of the Ten Longest Rivers in the World. 

1. The River Nile Worlds Longest Rivers — 6,550 Kms

River Nile is at the top of the list of Longest Rivers in the World. And it has to be. It is the longest river emerging from Africa and thence; called “The Father of African Rivers.” It is the Worlds Longest river in Northeast Africa and into the Mediterranean Sea. Its drainage covers eleven countries namely, Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kanye, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Burundi, Eritrea, Uganda, and Sudan. 

River Nile Worlds Longest Rivers

River Nile has proven to be the primary water resource for a few above-mentioned countries like; Sudan, South Sudan, and Egypt. Moreover, it also tops as an economic river, supporting agriculture, crop production, cultivation, irrigation, and fishing in these countries. Not only that, River Nile Worlds Longest Rivers has become a medium for transportation when there is an occurrence of flooding in nearby areas. 

2. The Amazon Longest River in the World — 6,576 Kms

Amazon River, which flows in Southern America, is the World’s second longest river. However, according to recent studies, Amazon is also the world’s largest river considering the discharge volume of the water. The Amazon flow covers eight countries — Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Guyana, Bolivia, and Venezuela — runs through the largest forest in the world and finally flows into the Southern Atlantic Ocean. 

The Amazon Longest River in the World

For many years, people believed that River Amazon was the second Worlds Longest Rivers after the River Nile. But in the past couple of years, River Nile seems struggling to hold the said title, given that Amazon River comes neck-to-neck with its length and water dumping of at least 209,000 cubic meters in the Southern Atlantic Ocean, Amazon fairly competes with River Nile. 

3. The Yangtze Worlds Longest River — 6,300 Kms

Asia’s longest and the world’s third-longest river, Yangtze, flows entirely within one country; China. River Yangtze, also called Chang Jiang in Chinese, rises from the Tibetan plateau in the Jari Hills and flows down to the eastern way in the East China Sea. Yangtze Worlds Longest Rivers is home to one-third of the Chinese Population. Covering one-fifth of the land in China by its drainage basin, the Yangtze River ranks as the world’s seventh-largest river.

Worlds Longest River Yangtze

4. The Mississippi Worlds Longest River — 6,275 Kms 

River Mississippi comes fourth in the Worlds Longest Rivers list, the second-longest river and at the same time, the major river of the second-largest drainage system on the North American Continent. It flows 3,770 km south from Lake Itasca to the Mississippi Delta, situated in the Gulf of Mexico. 

River Mississippi ranks as the thirteenth-largest flowing river in the world, touching the boundaries of the states of Missouri, Lova, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Lowa, Minnesota, and Illinois. 

World longest Rivers the mississippi

5. The Yenisei Longest River in the World — 5,539 Kms

River Yenisey is also referred as Yenisei, Enisei, and Jenise. It is the world’s fifth-longest river and also the largest one to flow into the Arctic Ocean. Rising from its mouth in Mongolia, Yenisey flows northwards and drains a large part of Central Siberia to the Kara Sea, dividing the Western Siberian Plain in the west from the Central Siberian Plateau in the East. 

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The estimated maximum depth of the Worlds Longest Rivers Yenisey is about 24 meters, making the average depth of 14 meters. Lake Baikal from the upper Yenisey is the deepest and the oldest lake linked with River Yenisey. Old, Nomadic tribes like Yugh and Ket People have lived near the banks of the said river, thus, adding history to the region. 

6. The Yellow Worlds Longest Rivers — 5,464 Kms

Yellow Worlds Longest Rivers, better known as Huang He, is the second-longest river in China, after the Yangtze, and the sixth-longest in the world. Originating from the Qinghai Province, Yellow Rivers touches nine provinces in total and finally empties into the Bohai Sea, Shandong Province. 

the yellow river

The Yellow Worlds Longest Rivers is said to be the motherland of ancient Chinese Civilization. However, in the past couple of decades, natural disasters and flooding have cost a loss of nearly one million lives of people, making it the river of history and tragedies side by side. But, thanks to the much modern and technological era, these natural disasters have been put to an end by the establishment of dams in the Yellow River. 

7. The Ob-Irtysh Longest River in the World— 5,410 Kms

The seventh-longest river in Russia, Western Siberia, merged with River Irtysh located in Kazakistan and become the Ob-Irtysh River. The Worlds Longest Rivers flows through four countries; Kazakistan, Mongolia, China, and Russia.

Longest Rivers in the world The Ob-Irtys

The Ob is used by the civilians for irrigation, agriculture, and fishing purposes, and in addition to that, it also provides hydro electrical energy and water to the people living in the areas near the region. 

8. Worlds Longest Rivers Rio de la Plata — 4,880 Kms

Rio de la Plata is a Spanish name for the River Plate (British English), which flows through five countries; Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay, making it the world’s eight-longest river. The length of the Plate River is 290 meters and has proven to be the widest river in the world, with a width of 220 km. 

Worlds Longest Rivers Rio de la Plata

The name Rio de la Pata is a reference to the populations along with the areas and regions of the estuary. The said Worlds Longest Rivers is a shelter to many species of turtles like the green turtle, the loggerhead turtle, and the leatherback turtle, along with the species of dolphins like; the La Plata Dolphin. 

9. Worlds Longest River The Congo River — 4,700 Kms

Among the countless big and small African rivers, River Congo is the most heard of due to its mysterious and dangerous stories. It is also the second-longest African river after the River Nile. 

Worlds Longest River The Congo River

Worlds Longest Rivers Congo, previously known as the Zaire River, is believed to be the second-largest river in the world by discharge water volume. Congo flows through nine countries namely, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of the Congo, Central African Public, Angola, Tanzania, Zambia, Burundi, Rwanda, and Cameroon, proving itself to be one of the world’s largest, longest, darkest, and dangerous rivers.

10. The Amur Worlds Longest Rivers — 4,444 Kms

The last Worlds Longest Rivers and also the tenth-longest river on our list is the Amur River with a river length of four thousand and forty-four kilometers. It flows through three countries; China, Mongolia, and Russia, and forms a border between Russian Far East and Southeastern China. 

The Amur Worlds Longest Rivers

The most distinct quality of Worlds Longest Rivers Amur is that the largest species of fish, Kaluga, is found in the dark depths of Amur waters. Other large species of fish include Amur Pike, Taimen, Amur Catfish, Yellowcheek, Northern Snakehead, and many more species. 

The word Amur, in Russian, means Water; however, the Chinese name for the said river that is “Heilong Jiang” translates to “Black Dragon River.”

Worlds Longest Rivers Conclusion

Here is our list of the top Ten Worlds Longest Rivers. From the above discussion, we have gathered that most of these, longest rivers in the world are from Africa, Asia, and Russia. These rivers are consumed for irrigation, agriculture, cultivation, water consumption, and energy. 

Worlds Longest Rivers FAQs

1. Which is the Worlds Longest Rivers?

River Nile is ranked top on the list of longest rivers in the world, with a length of 6,550 km. 

2. Which is the Largest River in the World?

River Nile is the longest river; however, River Amazon is the Worlds Longest Rivers with a length of 6,576 km.

3. Which is the Longest River in Africa?

The River Nile is Africa’s Longest River.

4. Which is the Longest River in Asia?

The Yangtze River is the longest Asian river, emerging from China.

5. Which is the World’s Deepest River?

The Congo River is the deepest in the world. 

6. Which is the Most Dangerous River in the World?

The Amazon, Nile, and Congo rivers are both believed to be the world’s darkest, most mysterious, and most dangerous rivers of the world. 

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