In order to onboard new clients into businesses, a cycle of several phases and duties is followed. The validity of every consumer is assessed using the findings of eKYC solutions. During the onboarding process for new clients, many manual verification procedures, such as in-person meetings and document checks by business personnel, have traditionally been employed. The importance of manually confirming IDs is diminishing over time. According to a poll, the number of online enterprises and the eCommerce sector are quickly expanding as businesses shift to online KYC solutions. Research says that eCommerce will share 21% of the global retail market.

Onboarding Process

To guarantee that users satisfy the standards, their credentials for the intended activity are carefully verified. As part of the onboarding process for new users, nearly all firms do eKYC solution checks. It is a legal requirement in the majority of countries. KYC user verification is a way that complies with all requirements by utilizing eKYC verification approaches. It makes use of digital platforms, and recent technology breakthroughs have made it simple to deploy internationally.

Problems Businesses are Facing

Many businesses are aware of the benefits of the eKYC solution and desire to incorporate them into their normal client enrollment operations. They are never eager to purchase them because of the old-age detecting technique. Customers despite having to travel to company offices and other official sites to get their identity confirmation since the procedure is time-consuming and difficult. They have an added motivation to take precautionary measures to protect both themselves and their clients.

How does the eKYC Solution work?

The onboarding process is undergoing a complete transformation as a result of eKYC . The emergence of new technology has made it easier to validate a user’s identification online. Various innovations follow the eKYC solution to validate consumer validity. Using an eKYC security check, the user may authenticate their biometrics, check their online papers, and validate their recorded videos online.

Biometric Verification

Biometrics is a secure method of identifying and validating an individual that fraudsters cannot use. To authenticate user identification, the eKYC solution successfully combines new digital biometric features. Fingerprint scanning is a safe and secure biometric technique that is widely in use by electronic identity verification systems. Many online sites utilize it to confirm users’ fingerprints. A more current technique than fingerprint impressions is facial scanning, which uses the user’s face for identification and verification. It is one of the most effective verification tools. Several systems employ other secure techniques, such as iris scanning and user retinal identification.

Documents Analysis

Document verification demands that users confirm their identity. Businesses can also scan documents and verify them using online technologies. The eKYC solution combines AI-integrated OCR and ICR. These two cutting-edge technologies allow the API to thoroughly evaluate the user’s papers. Modern document processing systems are so advanced that they perform validation checks on papers to look for evidence of forgery. The technique of document verification is an important component of the eKYC solution checklist.

Video Verification

The user’s video identification undergoes customer verification in the next stage of the eKYC solution. The customer must provide the online portal with a high-quality recorded video of the user’s face. The camera validates the customer’s face to safely verify the identity. The eKYC solution is accomplished by utilizing recorded video evidence, which reveals people’s identities.

Liveness Detection

The client must physically meet with officials to complete the verification cycle for the manual KYC check. The identical scenario comes online via an internet video conference between the user and a verification representative from the firm.

Wrapping it up

An eKYC solution is the most recent technique for identity verification. Modern digital technology and procedures, such as biometric scanning and video identification, are in use to support this plan. This live meeting between a consumer and a company, as well as document online verification, is a good technique to handle user data. All business sectors, including financial institutions, educational institutions, entertainment, and gaming, should make it a habit to use cutting-edge technology when onboarding new clients, such as artificial intelligence integrated tech solutions to detect fraudsters. These technological advancements such as the eKYC solution, may help to maintain a safe and trustworthy corporate environment in the long run, in addition to assisting with onboarding new clients.

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