It might only be early spring, but that is no reason to delay when it comes to your holiday party planning, especially if you want to impress your employees this year. To make sure that you do not leave it too late and end up planning your holiday bash at the last minute, here are some of the steps that you can take now or in the near future.

1- Find the Venue

Your party will be nothing without the perfect venue. This means that it should be first on your list of priorities when it comes to party planning. You should look around for a venue that is spacious and inspirational for all your employees. You might also want to give your employees a taste of luxury and a change of scenery from their usual work setting. However, when you are looking for a venue, you might try to find one that is close to your workplace to ensure that all your employees can attend the event without any transport issues. To snap up the best venues, you should start your research now, and you might even visit a few corporate event venues before settling on one.

2- Choose a Date

Nothing is stopping you from setting a date for the party of the year. This can help to create buzz and check that it does happen and that it does not pass you by. You should choose a date when the majority of your employees will not have large deadlines looming or big projects coming up. You might also select a weekend date so that all your employees can enjoy themselves without worrying about work in the morning. This date should also be far enough away from the holidays that it does not clash with any personal events that your staff members might have.

3- Set a Budget

Before you do anything else, though, you should try to set a budget for this party. By setting a budget, you will be ensuring that you know what your company can afford and this can prevent you from finding that your party has cleared out your bank account nearer the time. This means that you should create estimates of each cost that the party might present to you, and get quotes from multiple vendors so you know what to expect.

4- Think About Transport

It is also key that you think about your transport options and how you will get your employees to the venue, especially if they come from all over the place. For instance, you might decide to hire a minibus as part of the adventure so that your employees can arrive and leave together without worrying about driving or public transport.

5- Tell Your Employees

You should also tell your employees what the date of your party will be. This will allow them to leave it free in their diaries and can give them time to get excited about it. Otherwise, you may find that not as many people attend your party as you might want or expect, and your efforts might end up going to waste. 

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